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Field Notes 
From The Edge:Journeys Through Britain’s

Secret Wilderness 

by Paul Evans


Chapter illustrations

by Maria Nunzia @Varvera


published by Rider Books







Field Notes From The Edge 

by Paul Evans, published by Rider Books and inside illustrations by Maria Nunzia @Varvera 






The Independent 18 June 2015 

Nature books round-up: Melancholy, murder and metaphor among the mosses 

Field Notes' magic lies partly in the sheer quality of the prose, partly in Evans' ability to loop together disparate threads in a way that feels both natural and carefully patterned: images and words recur, subtle altered each time, layering meaning upon meaning so that each chapter becomes rich with significance. It makes for a profoundly satisfying read. 


Melissa Harrison author of 'At Hawthorn Time


Financial Times Review 6/7 June 2015 Beyond the broken stile 

naturalist, BBC radio producer, author of The Running SkyThe Poetry of Birds (with Simon Armitage)and Four Fields



mountaineer, biographer, travel, outdoor and nature writer and author of Travels with the Flea, West, Shipton & Tilman.


Journalist, The Guardian's Environment Editor, author of McLibel:Burger Culture on Trial


Maggie Gee OBE FRSL

novelist, professor of creative writing, author of The White Family, The Ice People, Virginia Woolf in Manhattan.


literary ecocritic, nature writer,author of Cold Blood 


novelist, poet, short-story writer, professor of fiction, author of I’ll Go to Bed at Noon, Nourishment, Vanishing.


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