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Paul Evans


Field Notes From The Edge


Journeys through Britain's Secret Wilderness  

Paperback published 6 April 2017 

A Times,Guardian and Independent 


Field Notes From The Edge by Paul Evans

Field Notes From The Edge 

by Paul Evans, published by Rider Books and inside illustrations by Maria Nunzia @Varvera 



Book review Field Notes From The Edge by The Guardian


In Field Notes From The Edge, one of Britain’s foremost nature writers takes us on a journey through Britain’s hidden wilderness. Here, celebrated naturalist Paul Evans explores the gaps between one place, one state of mind, one truth and another.  This beautifully written book is a work of dark wonder, capturing our changing world and treading the narrow way between our love of Nature and fear of it. 


From Shropshire’s Wenlock Edge, which he knows so well, Paul Evans looks at other kinds of ‘edge’ and the wild lives that inhabit them in ruins, strandlines, caves, heaths, islands, marshes, swarms, even bodies. From ice-age caves to ancient hedgerows, this is a celebration of things lost, overlooked or hiding in plain sight. 


Observant and beautifully written from a collection of field notes of first-hand experience, this is a life’s journey into Nature and a must-read for any nature-lover.


Best known as an author of The Guardian’s Country Diary column, Paul Evans is a naturalist, university lecturer, broadcaster of natural-history documentaries and award-winning dramas for Radio 4, and performance poet. He’s already acclaimed as one of Britain’s leading nature writers – the ‘John Clare of his generation’. 

In his academic work, Paul Evans is a senior lecturer in creative writing at Manchester Metropolitan University and teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses; he was previously at Bath Spa University where he designed and led the Travel & Nature Writing MA. His practice as research centres on ways creative writing responds to Nature through prose & poetry in print, radio broadcast and performance.


He writes for publications including BBC Wildlife, Geographical, The  National Trust Magazine and Country Living and his work appears in many anthologies. In his time he has also been a grave digger, managed gardens for the National Trust, worked for Percy Thrower, been commissioned by a billionaire to collect samples of all the plants in eastern North America, fronted a Punk band and looked after botanical gardens in New York.  He has had his poetry set to music by an American folk group and even been the subject of an MA at a Belgian university. He lives with his family in Much Wenlock, Shropshire where he was born.





Green Letters 

Studies in Ecocriticism 


Review of Field Notes from the Edge by Prof. Terry Gifford, poet & ecocritic 

''From data to dream, from virus to vision, Field Notes from the Edge is not only the touchstone for future nature writers, it is, for readers, an exemplary and challenging reminder of why we should mitigate the Anthropocene from our own edgelands."


Read full book review at ....


The leading international weekly for literary culture. 

Where the wild things are

Nick Groom 


"The latest crop of nature-writing books, and wildness is all. There’s a quiet ferocity running through these three very different volumes, powerful yet subtle, refreshingly practical and quotidian – and leagues away from the teen fantasies of George Monbiot with his schemes for “rewilding”. So we have John Lewis-Stempel retro-farming a field of wheat, John Wright rootling about in hedges, and Paul Evans in rapt communion with the fairy folk .....


....Thus the landscape does not need to be made strange by wheezes to reintroduce charismatic species; it is already magical for those who have the eyes (and imagination) to see. Evans’s book is a manifesto for fey living rather than rewilding: “I am fascinated by the idea that some places frighten us for reasons we don’t understand; places that feel weird, eerie, sinister, the eldritch places (from the Old English for a strange country, the Otherworld)”. Evans wants us to become more experienced in immaterial encounters, alive to the “eco-gothic” rather than being victims of ecophobia – the anxiety that “Nature bites back” despite human attempts to control and harness it through managing (and denuding) the environment ".

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Book review Field Notes From The Edge by Jim Perrin, author of West

literary ecocritic, nature writer, author of Cold Blood 


Book review Field Notes From The Edge by Gerard Woodward, author of I'll Go to Bed at Noon

novelist, poet, short-story writer, professor of fiction, author of I’ll Go to Bed at Noon, Nourishment, Vanishing.


Book review Field Notes From The Edge by Tim Dee author of Four Fields

naturalist, BBC radio producer, author of The Running SkyThe Poetry of Birds (with Simon Armitage)and Four Fields


What other authors are saying 

Book review Field Notes From The Edge The Independent

Field Notes' magic lies partly in the sheer quality of the prose, partly in Evans' ability to loop together disparate threads in a way that feels both natural and carefully patterned: images and words recur, subtle altered each time, layering meaning upon meaning so that each chapter becomes rich with significance. It makes for a profoundly satisfying read. 


Melissa Harrison author of 'At Hawthorn Time' 


Financial Times Review 

Book review Field Notes From The Edge The Indpendent
Book review Field Notes From The Edge by Richard Kerridge, author of Cold Blood

'Paul Evans ...a rare original. He made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end with his mastery of otherwise unseen moments of life on earth ....'

Maggie Gee OBE FRSL novelist professor of creative writing, author of The White Family, The Ice People, Virginia Woolf in Manhattan. 

Books & Anthologies 

Field Notes From The Edge location photographs 

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Selected Works 2016/ 2017 

Paperback Book Launches  

Evans, P., (1 February 2018) Herbaceous, Toller Fratrum, Little Toller Books. 


Evans, P., (April 2017) Field Notes From the Edge, London: Paperback, Rider Books.



Cooper, A., (21 Oct 2016) Arboreal: A Collection of Words from the Woods. Toller Fratrum, Little Toller Books.


Harrison, M., (19 May 2016) Summer: An Anthology for the Changing Seasons, London, Elliott & Thompson.  


BBC Radio 3 & 4 programmes 

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