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Like many in his generation, Paul began to write poems in his teens. Early inspiration from lyrics of folk traditions, popular music and Beat poetry lead to a wider interest in the Romantics, Oriental poetry and Nature poetry. His own writing absorbed psycho-spiritual interests in Nature, place, landscape and journey and was grounded by his working experience as a gardener. He began to do readings with the Anglo Welsh Poetry Society in the late seventies and collaborated with musicians, forming a number of bands which performed widely around Britain. When work took him to New York in the mid 80s he began performing in various places in NYC particularly with the NY Writers and Artists Underground. Back in Britain in the 90s he developed a narrative, documentary style of poetry from his nature writing, environmental journalism and philosophy. Since then this form has morphed into broadcast radio poems with aural landscapes by sound recordist Chris Watson, produced for BBC Radio 4 by Sarah Blunt, and performance pieces either alone or with musical collaborators.

BBC Radio 4 Poems 

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