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Paul Evans nature writer, 

Guardian Country Diarist, playwright, poet, 

broadcaster & environmental journalist 

Paul Evans Nature writer
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BBC radio 4 The River

BBC radio 4 Sabrina and the Fish of No Return written and narrated by Paul Evans The River Episode 1 of 5 Writer, naturalist and broadcaster, Paul Evans watches a salmon struggle against the flowing waters to climb up a weir and return to the pool where she was born to lay her eggs. The struggle takes place on the River Severn, which was known to the Romans as Sabrina. Sabrina is also the name of the Severn Cruise boat in Shrewsbury, a woman from Greek mythology who was drowned in ....

Photograph Maria Nunzia @Varvera

The Daily Telegraph (London) August 13, 2016 Saturday Edition 1; National Edition RADIO; Pick of the week BYLINE: Charlotte Runcie Telegraph Review 12 August 2016 Pg. 50,51 The River ….. Monday The River Radio 4, 1.45pm The name Sabrina has many different connotations, from the ancient Roman term for the River Severn and a woman from Greek mythology who drowned in a river to a Shrewsbury cruise boat, as well as a Fifties film star. The nature writer Paul Evans takes a ...


Adapted for land, but snails remain creatures of water Guardian Country Diary 10 August 2016

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 17.58.34

Arboreal Bringing together the finest, and best-known, names in contemporary writing, a new anthology that explores the many strands of what woodlands mean to us. A landmark publication, it will appeal widely to many readers. Contributors include: Richard Mabey, Germaine Greer, Ali Smith, Simon Armitage, Paul Kingsnorth, Paul Evans, Richard Skelton, Tobias Hill, Jay Griffiths, Peter Marren, Rob Penn, Madeleine Bunting, Kathleen Jamie, William Boyd, Tim Dee, Evie Wyld, etc.


Travel photographs Caernarfon Wales photographs by Maria Nunzia @Varvera

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Found Stories

New Edition 

Companion to Wildlife Gardening by Chris Baines 

A brand-new edition of the best-selling book How to Make a Wildlife Garden is to be published by the Royal Horticultural Society and Frances Lincoln on 1 September, under the title The RHS Companion To Wildlife Gardening.  


The original was published as long ago as 1985 and has been continuously in print since then.  The new book has been completely updated and redesigned, and the opportunity to review the past 31 years has been extremely interesting.  It is particularly satisfying to see the new book published as The RHS Companion to Wildlife Gardening.  You may know that the original was launched at Chelsea Flower Show, where I made the first ever Chelsea Wildlife Garden.  In 1985 the RHS were so confused by the very idea, that my Chelsea Medal was inscribed to J C Baines for a WILDFIRE garden. Read more at ....

Name this creature: How to scientifically name a species

ABC Science 

By Amber Beavis


Putting a name on a new species is one of the most exciting parts of taxonomic research, but also one of the most important because — unlike common names — a scientific name is unique to one species. But how are they decided?

Read more at ....



'The blob': how marine heatwaves are causing unprecedented climate chaos

First seabirds started falling out of the sky, washing up on beaches from California to Canada.

Then emaciated and dehydrated sea lion pups began showing up, stranded and on the brink of death.

A surge in dead whales was reported in the same region, and that was followed by the largest toxic algal bloom in history seen along the Californian coast. Mixed among all that there were population booms of several marine species that normally aren’t seen surging in the same year.

Read more at ....

The Clearing 

The fight for beauty by Fiona Reynolds

In the month since the Brexit vote I – like many people I know – have veered from feeling sick, wanting to wake up and find it was all a bad dream, to wondering what on earth (dreadful) could happen next. But fundamentally I’m an optimist so I couldn’t stay gloomy forever. Now I’m shifting into a new gear – a determination to do all I can to make sure that this event isn’t a disaster for the countryside, nature, cultural heritage.

Read more at ....


Thistles: the darker side of summer Guardian Country Diary Wenlock Edge 27 July 2016

Harlech ©_Maria_Nunzia__Varvera_

This almost-island on the Welsh coast is a nowhere becoming somewhere Guardian Country Diary 13 July 2016


Orchids paint the hill a sadder shade of pink Guardian Country Diary Wenlock Edge 6 July 2016

_Lodge_Hill ©_Maria_Nunzia__Varvera_

A summer of rain, roses and nightingales Guardian Country Diary 22 June 2016

Blackbird in Bedroom Maria Nunzia _Varvera

A bird in the house disturbs the order of things Guardian Country Diary Wenlock Edge 8 June 2016

pink campion Maria Nunzia _Varvera

Life-affirming flash of colour in the hedgerow Guardian Country Diary Wenlock Edge 1 June 2016

Blackbird by Maria Nunzia _Varvera

Spring happens all at once, and the woods feel giddy Guardian Country Diary Wenlock Edge 25 May 2016

Thrushling tests the edges

Thrushling tests the edges of its hedge-world Guardian Country Diary Wenlock Edge 11 May 2016

Floating crowfoot

Floating crowfoot toughs it out with the frogs Guardian Country Diary Wenlock Edge 4 May 2016

It's getting steamy in the hedgerow

It's getting steamy in the hedgerow Guardian Country Diary Wenlock Edge 27 April 2016

Towers in a landscape

Towers in a landscape Guardian Country Diary Wenlock Edge 13 April 2016

Crow and the vernal egg

Crow and the vernal egg Guardian Country Diary Wenlock Edge 31 March 2016

Guardian Country Diary Wenlock Edge

The Gothic Charm of Cormorants Guardian Country Diary Wenlock Edge 24 February 2016


An extract from Herbaceous   by Paul Evans, published by Little Toller Books Yellow. p.28

A Monstrous Thing

A Monstrous Thing An extract from Field Notes From The Edge by Paul Evans, published by Rider Books, 2015 Chapter 3. Strand p.38 - p.41


Snowdrop An extract from Herbacoues  by Paul Evans, published by Little Toller Books White. p.33 - p.34

10 February Guardian Country Diary W

The light that made me blink

Of wild doves and snowdrops

3 February 2016 Guardian Country Diary Wenlock Edge The pigeon cocked a conspiratorial eye at the dog as we walked by. A wind ferocious enough to peel the bird from its perch and blow it away had little effect. The pigeon sat out the squall with saintly patience.

Snipe are inspectors of rainstorms

13 January 2016 Guardian Country Diary Wenlock Edge. The snipe are not skulking, they’re invisible. Six stand together in the rushes beside Venus Pool, six winged probes the colour of winter marshes,

Something hungry moves in the trees

6 January 2016 Guardian Country Diary Wenlock Edge The feeling of just being watched does not make this place eldritch. A strange, otherworldly, wood, it can feel unsettling at the best of times....

Nature photographs by Maria Nunzia @Varvera

9 January 2016 Guardian Country Diary Wenlock Edge Floating in the fog free of meanings.

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