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Highlights 2018

Shrewsbury Festival of Literature 2018 

How to See Nature 

24 November 2018

How to Write 

Sunday 25 November 2018



A Nightingale Sang 

The 10th Annual Networks for Nature Event

15-17 November 2018. 

Helen Macdonald, Melissa Harrison, Patrick Barkham, Tim Dee, Mark Cocker and Paul Evans are some of the 60 writers, poets and artists to have contributed to A Nightingale Sang. Half are women. Some are bestsellers and household names, others are not; all are interesting. Together, they reflect the wonderful range and diversity of talent that New Networks for Nature nourishes and is nourished by. All have given their words and imagery without charge, in keeping with its voluntary ethos.

How To See Nature Batsford .jpg

How To See Nature. by Paul Evans. 1st ed. Batsford. London 4 Oct 2018. 

'This beautiful series of essays on encounters with nature is a talisman for our 'environmentally anxious' era of losses. From the richness of Sand Martins who inhabit sands as unstable as our times, to the solace of lacewings and intimate encounters with orb-weaver spiders, ‘adorned in the extra-terrestrial glow of their pearl diadems’ Evans moves us from concern to inspiration. In this highly scientific yet lyrical series of encounters Evans blends close-observation and revelation with characteristic passion and accuracy. We learn that Ravens are undertakers, Nightingales are ventriloquists— who according to Coleridge, sang from their own ‘wanton tipsy joy.’ The ordinary becomes extraordinary in this fascinating book, written with a heart-lifting mixture of literary and personal insights'.

Miriam Darlington, wildlife, travel and nature writer 


Illustrations © Maria Nunzia 2018 @Varvera and cover illustration by Angela Harding @ANGELACHARDING

Short Works BBC Radio 4 .png

BBC Radio 4 

Death meets the Lady in this short ghostly story written and narrated by Paul Evans. Inspired by a 19th Century ballad, the death of a witch, local folklore and the sounds of a woodland. The singer is Elizabeth Counsell. Wildlife sound recordings Chris Watson. Produced by Sarah Blunt.

July 2018 

The Times Today's picks: Short works by Paul Evans.

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Cornerstones, subterranean writtings Edited by Mark Smalley, published by  Little Toller Books 24 July 2018 

Stories in all landscapes begin below the surface of the earth. Bedrock speaks first through the variety of soils, plants and animals that live above ground, then shapes the way people farm land, worship their gods and build villages, towns and cities. To understand the distinct quality of any place, first we must peel back the skin of the earth.

Adapted from the acclaimed BBC Radio 3 series, Cornerstones invites writers from around the world to consider the ground beneath their feet. Distinguished by a strong sense of place and characterised by close, personal observation, the pieces in this collection take us away from the familiar surfaces of life and express the awe that we feel when encountering the invisible heft, grain and rub of the subterranean world.

Contributors include: John Burnside, Linda Cracknell, Alan Garner, Gillian Clarke, Sue Clifford, Tim Dee, Paul Evans, Rose Ferraby, Alyson Hallett, Fiona Hamilton, Diane Johnson, Daniel Kalder, Jason Mark, Sara Maitland, Helen Mort, Gina Moseley, Sarah Moss, Peter Randall-Page, Ronald Turnbull, Sara Wheeler, Esther Woolfson.

Lancaster Litfest 

24 March 2018 

Waterstones Lancaster 

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Herbaceous. 2 nd ed. by Paul Evans published by Little Toller Books. 1 Feb 2018 


Herbaceous is the fist of a new series of books celebrating the very best in contemporary nature writing. A cross between New Naturalist and King Penguin, the series invites a wide range of authors and artists to choose a particular building, plant, animal, person or landscape, and through this object of their fascination tell us wider stories about the British Isles.

Country Diary 2018

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